JOMO Solutions

Changing the world, one app at a time…


JOMO Solutions is currently developing a series of mapping applications aimed at mobile devices. The current product range features Great British National Parks map data sourced from Ordnance Survey and styled optimally by our cartography specialists for Apple mobile devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod). The products have the following unique selling points:

  • Optimal Styling for Apple mobile devices
  • Overlay of foot paths from OpenStreetMap
  • Overlay of height points from the Database of British and Irish Hills
  • Option to swap from Offline Ordnance Survey maps to Online Apple Maps
  • As you zoom the level of detail increases so that map content is always readable

Products are competitively priced

The product range is expanding rapidly. The currently available products on the Apple App Store can be found here.

For more information on the JOMO Maps product range click here.