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Used this again today as we were going up Harrison's Stickle Langdale Pikes. I cant believe what you get for 1.99p terrific value the whole of the Lake District National Park o/s 25-1 With my ipad I can get it down to 10-1. We were on a path today and with the ipad GPS showing our position on the foot path as we walked so easy to follow. No paper to fold up Just pinch to zoom out or in close just great. Recent update lets you plot your own route. Havn't tried this yet. I wish we had bought this map system years ago.
by posi tive - Oct 19, 2016
Nice app that is well maintained and does what you need
by Dawkins g - Sep 28, 2016
Have used OS maps for walking in the lakes many times. The ease of use and the gps functionality were great and made it easy to find the difficult to see trails. Was especially handy when sunset was looming and we didn't want to make and mistakes.
by StopDeletingMyRatingNickname - Sep 27, 2016
If you drive London, great level of detail when zoomed in..Offline too!
by Paul161 - Oct 24, 2016
Used extensively in recent trip to the Lakes. It only needs GPS so was brilliant in most parts of the lakes where there was no mobile service at all. Also used it as a sat nav when driving.
by Stevep69 - Aug 29, 2016
Bought the app after reading the reviews. They were right !! It's class. You'll never need to look at a map again. Brilliant GPS coverage so you always know where you are. Literally just follow the paths on screen and you can't go wrong. I used it today on Skiddaw in the mist. Kept me right and got me safely up and down. I reckon it's a MUST have if you're using the hills a lot. Enjoy !!!
by Richardashcroft - Aug 2, 2016
GB Maps is a marvellous App and my opinion is made after only using this App for 5 minutes
by Meadowfield - Jul 30, 2016
Why has nobody done this before? Such a simple idea, carried out perfectly. The only map you'll ever need if you're in the lakes. Goodbye paper.
by Danny741 - Jul 23, 2016
This just works - really useful when out on a walk to pinpoint where you are and the ability to zoom in and out of the OS maps is fantastic. Only other thing is like to see is a recording/tracking function.
by Sleepybat - Jun 14, 2016
Best map app out there. Because you download the map to phone, its very smooth to use. With data on you can switch to satellite view. 100% recomend
by Nick Name 12 - May 11, 2016
Brilliant app for Broads cruising - detailed maps and no need for a signal, which in the Broads is a huge plus. Also comes with a large-scale map for the rest of the UK which I can see coming in handy too. It apparently has a speedometer; great as as the ones on Broads cruisers are notoriously vague. I couldn't find it though. It's already a five-star app though. Excellent value - if you're hiring a boat on the Broads you must get it.
by Desideratist - Apr 14, 2016
We have been walking the lakes for over 20 years as regular annual visitors, always looking for new walks and adventures. We have OS maps but the beauty of this app is its like sat nav for walkers, we have struggled to find which peak is which and easily go wrong when on a walk. Now we can see exactly where you are as you do not need mobile signal - just gps which works anywhere- put your phone on airplane mode for plenty of battery life. 5 Stars - brilliant app for casual or serious walkers alike.
by Sparki74 - Apr 3, 2016
This is a brilliant app. This map works very well with no signal or wifi. Picked up GPS quickly anywhere in the Lakes. Also works perfectly with phone on low power mode to stop battery degradation. Can you please bring out an app for the North Downs!
by Dolphinpolisher - Feb 27, 2016
I've used this on many walks now and it's so easy and accurate I'd feel safe walking anywhere in any weather relying just on this. Fully recommended.
by J barghy - Sep 9, 2015
Fantastic app. Went up the pike in buckden at the weekend. Any one who has been there will know there is no mobile signal but the GPS worked a treat very accurate. Fab App 👍
by Simmmmmmmooooooonnnnnnnnn - Sep 7, 2015
This app is brilliant, means safe and easy walks and avoids need for fancy expensive gps equipment.
by J barghy - May 26, 2015
What a fantastic app, I've had this app for a couple of months now, and it offers reassurance when in high wind, or misty weather, your map is either going to get blown away, or your not 100% sure this is your turn, get your phone out and have piece of mind your on the right trail. Excellent.
by Climbing frame - Jul 30, 2015
Fantastic for anyone wanting to get the most out of walking or cycling in the lakes.
by Weeble2k - Aug 7, 2015
I'm not the most confident of navigators and even when armed with an os map and compass I still get lost as my wife will confirm. We even got lost on a straightforward walk around catrigg force and Victoria caves in settle last weekend! I was therefore a little apprehensive about going up scafell pike on my own on Sunday (wife refused) until I found this app. Wow. Because it's got the os map and routes included but more importantly my exact location via gps, whenever I occasionally veered off the beaten track this app quickly got me back on it and I was soon up and down the pike. I didn't even take my os map out of my rucksack. Excellent app and confidence now restored. In my case it's like a tomtom but for the hills. Well done and thank you.
by Xx Mr sunshine xX - Aug 17, 2015
Why buy other maps when this one has all the answers. Vary detailed, accurate and easy to use...never get lost in the Lake District again!
by PeteTheCheat - May 17, 2015
This App completely enhances the walking experience, not only does it show you where you want to be it also locates where you are, useful for getting back on the right track. This App has so much going for it, waving goodbye to the time consuming folding maps.
by Scottburnsy67 - May 17, 2015