Maps designed for mobile devices...

Maps designed for mobile devices

The product range features Great Britain’s National Parks and other key areas sourced from Ordnance Survey data and styled optimally for Apple mobile devices.

Maps design

We have styled the maps specifically for mobile devices. As you zoom the level of detail seamlessly increases so that map content is always readable with an appropriate amount of data (down to 1:10K). Hill contours are shown on all detailed maps along with contour height data. Height points from the Database of British and Irish Hills are also overlaid on every hill in the database along with National Park boundary demarcation.


The display features several useful features including a scale bar (metric or imperial), extensive footpaths from OpenStreetMap, contours with height information and annotated height points and your current speed (metric or imperial).

Feature rich

All the ways you are used to manipulating a map are available (pan, zoom, rotation, double-tap and two-finger swipe to pitch the maps) and your current GPS location (with or without heading) and speed can also be displayed (either Ordnance Survey Grid Reference or WGS84 latitude/longitude).


In addition to the offline Ordnance Survey maps you also have access to the Online Apple Maps (Standard, Satellite and Hybrid). This includes the ability to view Apple 3D buildings on Apple Standard maps (where provided by Apple).

Offline use

All maps are stored on the device for offline use. This means that the app can be used anywhere without the need for any mobile coverage. For any device with a GPS (all iPhones, iPad with cellular) your current location will also be displayed without the need for any mobile coverage.


A comprehensive search is provided including every road name/number, postcode, place and hill within each region. When a searched item is selected a pin annotation is displayed. Selection of this search pin displays the exact location in Ordnance Survey Grid Reference or Longitude/Latitude (WGS84).

Detailed hill data

When searching for a specific hill, detailed hill information can also be viewed. This includes height, Ordnance Survey Grid Reference, latitude and longitude, region, parent, classification (e.g. Wainwright, Munroe, Marilyn, Hewitt etc.), drop together with hill specific links to Streetmap, Geograph and Hill Bagging web sites.

Share your location

All the apps allow you to share your location together with an image of your current location. You location can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, iMessage/SMS and email as well as providing you location in Ordnance Survey Grid Reference and Longitude/Latitude (WGS84).

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